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To invest with tradealts, you need to buy any of the five cryptocurrency accepted by tradealts; BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, RIPPLE, ZCASH, LITECOIN

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  • More than 80% of traders lose money while trading, continuously, due to their lack of experience and other psychological factors.

  • Our experienced team of traders are constantly optimizing the existing parameters in the market and exploring new strategies to guarantee long-term success


  • Blockchain

    A distributed database with undeniable durability and robustness not controlled by any single entity with no single point of failure. This transparent and incorruptible ledger offering decentralization with enhanced security. This amazing technology is what Tradealts prides on

  • Market Volume

    Countless remarkable wealth achieved by early adopters and smart investors in this multi billion dollar market. We offer the opportunity for you to get a piece of the pie regardless of your skillset or the size of your bank account

  • Proven Trading

    Trading signals offered to our clients in the past have gone 2x,10x even 100x.

  • Guaranteed earning

    With our advanced crypto trading strategies, you earn 1.5% daily on your investment.

  • Transparent

    Known company executive. Team of interested investors can schedule a zoom call with our trading team.

  • Sustainable

    Over 300 days of consistent payout. Our outstanding results speaks.


Secure Wallet

Wallet security is a top priority. We take every necessary step to keep it so

Mobile Friendly

Our platform was designed to be viewed on any device to fit any screen.

Lowest price

To accomodate various business minded traders, various plans have been designed to accomodate all.

Fast support

Our support system is top notch, we always available 24/7

Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway is one of a kind. Its easy to use and secured for transaction

Referral Program

You get percentage commission on every referrals


0.1-0.99 BTC

5% Referal Bonus
45% Interest (30 Days)

1-2.99 BTC

7% Referal Bonus
45% Interest (30 Days)

3-9.99 BTC

10% Referal Bonus
45% Interest (30 Days)
10BTC & Above


Create and fund your Bittrex account Tradealts trader will be assigned to manage your account. TradeAlts takes 30% of profit earned after 30 days.


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“One of the best investments of my life” ― Krishna Timilsina

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“I bought about 20btc last year around $500/btc and today my bitcoin value has skyrocketed. This is my driving force to trading because i now understand the huge potential in trading crypto currencies. ” ― Leon Cross

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